Making Thunder in Manitoba-Saskatchewan:

One Exciting Bible Study

As secretary for the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference, I’m always looking for cost effective ways to engage our church members and pastors in soul winning. Probably the most innovative and user-friendly way I’ve found in my 30 plus years of ministry is Thunder in the Holy Land.

I first heard about Thunder at the SEEDS Conference at Andrews University when Tom Evans invited Charles Byrd to share how this truly simple yet innovative video Bible study works.

The first thing that really grabbed my attention was how inexpensively a local pastor or conference administrator can be inserted into this professionally done video series. It was actually just the cost of a small evangelistic campaign.

The second thing that struck me was how simple it was to take a small group through the FREE prepared lessons. As great as the videos are, these lessons truly are the magic of this series. This method is so effective I started using it in a personal weekend series I was doing, and after that I knew Charles was on to something.

So I decided to give it a go. I spent just three days at the QuestLine Productions studio in Nashville, TN. Soon I had my own master set in hand with a lifetime license to make as many copies as I wanted within the direct sphere of my ministry.

It is not uncommon here in Canada to have one baptism, sometimes two, and often none at a small series. So if that’s all we would accomplish from this investment in Thunder we figured we wouldn’t lose anything.

I got my personalized set of Thunder, made copies and went to my home church. I offered a set of Thunder DVD’s to anyone who wanted to learn how to give Bible studies. Here is a link to a training event where I taught people how to use the series. We soon had 18 Bible studies started. Some didn’t pan out, but the others ran for 4 or 5 months and then I followed up with a one-week reaping event.

You can imagine my excitement when we had 14 baptisms!! The investment was indeed bringing rich dividends. The next series we had 9 baptisms. And the best part is the lay members who had already worked with our pre-Adventists guests getting them ready. It is said that the number one reason people are not in church a year after being baptized is they are not connected or bonded to the church members. But Thunder eliminates this problem before the reaping meeting even starts.

I’ve now been using Thunder in the Holy Land for 24 months in different churches and we’ve had 57 baptisms and 5 rebaptisms. Not bad for the price of one small crusade. In fact the cost now per baptism is $161 and it will soon be in the double digits. It’s a one-time price that keeps on getting results in our ongoing cycle of friendship evangelism.

The Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference has now sent another pastor, Scott Manly, to QLP and we’re looking for many more positive results. You can watch the complete first two episodes of Thunder as well as several short promos. Want to watch more than just two episodes? Then open the Thunder Episode Titles link on the hidden pastor’s page for links to the first eight episodes.

You can reach Charles Byrd, QLP President, at 615-448-1024 (Office), or 715-563-5330 (Mobile), or email him at .

Jeff Potts is secretary for the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference