Restore a Child for Halloween

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By Norma Nashed

Restore a Child is an Adventist humanitarian organization focusing on orphan children. With 153 million orphans in the world, Restore a Child’s mission is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with each orphan through food, shelter and education. Currently, 280 young children have been baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Think of these two facts...

  1. In October Americans will spend 7.4 Billion US Dollars on Halloween… for candy and costumes… for themselves and their pets.
  2. You can feed one child for .50 cents a day. There are 1 billion hungry people in this world today. Even more disturbing is the fact that six million children die of hunger every year.  

Let’s remember these dying children are God’s children!
 Restore a Child would like to give you this powerful opportunity to join in this journey of hope and restoration. Your involvement will make a big difference in lives of hungry children in Chad, Congo, Haiti, Sierra Leon, South Sudan, Ukraine, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.
At this time, we are glad to announce that the General Conference added the “Orphans” to its Special Needs Ministry. In addition, Restore a Child was invited by the General Conference to be a member of the task force for orphans. Dr. Larry Evans informed us that he is interested in our do fast movement and our hope is to have a global presence in the near future. We have also partnered with NAD Ministerial, Education and Youth Departments to implement the do fast program.
We encourage all NAD church pastors to participate in the Do Fast program. By this you fulfill the biblical mandate to “defend orphans” which is what “do” stands for, Isaiah 1:17. The annual Do Fast event according to Isaiah 58 will start the second week in October World Hunger Month. You can feed and Restore a Child during Halloween by participating in the Do Fast program. The highlight of the event will be the actual fast on Sabbath, November 12, 2016 World Orphans' Weekend. As Adventist churches, we must be in the lead and not lag behind most evangelical churches that consistently commemorate and emphasize World Orphans Day every year.
For more information, watch the new video produced by NAD Education. NAD Ministerial produced a 2-minute video earlier and shortly will be completing a new one. We have created great Tool Kit/Activities which are available on our website along with a Do Fast poster of your choice at
We encourage your members to sacrifice one restaurant meal every week during the Do Fast event and be blessed by giving $12.00. This commitment will help feed a starving child for up to four months in a country like Chad. Last year we helped feed 10,000 children in several countries. In Chad alone we helped save 1,400 infants from literal death by malnutrition. We continue to do this year after year for the past 10 years. You can watch some of these videos from Chad and other countries on YouTube.
Here are some ways you can get the word out about the Do Fast program:

  • Sabbath School Classes
  • Pathfinders
  • Youth and Young Adults
  • Family and Friends
  • Communities

When that happens you can hear the Savior say to you: “…You have done it unto Me.” Write to me, Norma Nashed, if you need further information: or call: (240) 393-7712

We encourage all NAD church pastors to participate in the Do Fast program. By this you fulfill the Biblical mandate to “defend orphans” which is what “do” stands for, Isaiah 1:17.
View this short 62-sec video with inspiring success stories. YOUR gifts are literally saving thousands of lives of starving children. Thank you for being part of this miracle today.
Norma Nashed is president of Restore a Child