Impressive Results with Thunder in the Holy Land

If we could help you as a pastor to be as much as 80% more productive in soul winning with perhaps 50% less work and expense would you give me just a few moments of your time? Then consider Thunder in the Holy Land. Pastor Pavel Goia has had 53 baptisms in the past 12 months and says Thunder is a critical part of his Church’s success. Pastor Tom Kyser dropped by last week to say he’s about to baptize another seven people using the Thunder method bringing his Thunder baptisms to nearly 40. And pastor Jeff Potts has had 57 baptisms and five rebaptisms in the past 24 months. (You can meet these pastors on this short video clip.)

I mentioned the pastors’ names but actually they are getting less of the credit. Why? Because these were mostly lay-led Bible studies! And that’s as it should be. You are the official trainer and cheerleader for your members. Twenty lay-led baptisms creates a buzz, an excitement in your church like no other activity.

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