Cookie Cutter Evangelism is Futility

CALLED 3Q16 Now Available Electronically

Cookie cutter evangelism narrowly hijacked by one method is futility in the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Fortunately many pastors in the NAD are creatively developing many different approaches and methods of reaching people. In this issue of CALLED magazine you will read stories of proclamation, personal relationships, compassion, fellowship, Bible study, community connections, health outreach, church planting in prison and more. Through video and text you will be immersed in a plethora of evangelistic ideas, approaches and passionate stories from Alaska, to Ohio, to Canada, to the Southern states, to Minnesota and more.

Through first-hand accounts, practitioners share their journeys of ups and downs in connecting with people and winning souls.  We will hear stories of pastors, church planters and evangelists who have boldly tried new things, challenged the status quo, and even learned what not to do.

Radical Evangelism is the theme of 3Q16 CALLED magazine edited by Jose Cortes Jr. Jose has assembled a collection of articles on evangelism including:

Redeeming Evangelism—Jose Cortes Jr.
Volunteer Lay Pastors—Walter Castro
Church Planting—Steve Leddy
Building for Evangelism—Myron Edmonds
A Place to Belong—Lizeth Momanga
125 New Members in 2 Years—Dustin Hall
Playing to Win—Kymone Hinds
Evangelism Works—Roger Hernandez
Planting Churches in Prison—John Boston

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