The Stained Glass Documentary Series

There are 6,000 Seventh-day Adventist Churches in The United States, Canada and Bermuda. Each one has a story.

We filmed the activities of three churches for nearly two years. Each is very different from the others. One is in Oakland, California, where homelessness is rampant. Another is in Hollywood, a gathering place of young professionals and artists. And the other is in the Sacramento valley, representing a church plant caught up in the realities of suburban life. We discovered real churches, filled with real people, facing real challenges.

This documentary series is not attempting to define what church life is, or offer a normative model, but merely to provide three distinct stories that would encourage other congregations to think about their own purpose.

In many ways the stories have just begun. What you see represents pieces of a larger mosaic alluding to a complex community of believers. Visit them today and much will be different, much will have changed. We are always becoming, never done.