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CALLED Convention Seminars (audio)

From June 28 – July 1, 2015, thousands of pastoral families gathered in Austin Texas for the first North American Division convention for Adventist Pastoral Families. Attendees enjoyed three days of worship, fellowship, and equipping. Now most of the presentations of both the plenary and seminars are now available online courtesy of Adventist Learning Community and NAD Ministerial Association.

Listen to a Seminar

Some of the seminars are available exclusively through audio. Click on any of the presentations below to listen to the lecture. It should play automatically on a smartphone/tablet and on some web browsers. Other web browsers might just download to your computer.


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Monday, June 29, 2015 (2:30-4:00PM) - Session 2

Darold Bigger - Human Forgiveness: Scripture and Research in Practical Use

Brenda Billingy & Johns Marquis - Agents of Change

Bruce Boyd - Conflict Transformation for Pastors

Ron Clouzet - The Rising Need for Apologetics in Adventist Evangelism

Karnik Doukmetzian - Can We Do That? Copyrights, Trademarks, and Social Media in the Local Church Setting

Dick & Brenda Duerksen - Storycatching and Storytelling for Pastors

Rod Du Preez - First Century Hermeneutics for the 21st Century: How the Messiah's Method Will Enhance Our Understanding and Application of Scripture

Robert Edwards - Restructuring a Church for Effective Ministry

Jame Gibson & Tim Standish - Why Can't We Put Evolution Into the Bible?

Don Hall & Katia Reinert - Adventist InStep for Life: Physical Activity and Healthy Eating as Powerful Tools for Personal Health and Community Outreach

Willie Hucks II - If the Gospel Should Be Preached, Then Why Should I Write?

Darius Jankiewicz - The Shades of Authority in the Church

Greg King & Nicholas Miller - Homosexuality, the Bible, and Marriage

Michael Mupfawa - Grief Ministry: Help for Healing the Hurting

Rodlie Ortiz & Sabine Vatel - Developing Small Groups for Discipleship

Subodh Pandit - Facing Atheism Squarely (With Science and Friendly Logic)

Stanley Patterson - The Place of Authority in the Organizational Structure of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Robert Peach - When and How to Refer to a Professional Counselor

Randy Roberts - From Text to Pulpit: The Sermon Journey

Fredrick Russell - Staying Fresh Over the Long Haul

Artur Stele - The Book of Acts: A Manual of Creativity that Leads to Growth

Elizabeth Talbot - How to Preach While Mining the Gospels

Twyla Wall - Do NOT Reach Out ... Until You Explore the Amazing Follow-up AIM Can Provide!

David Williams - Built Upon the Rock: Designing Services for Worship Renewal

Jesse Wilson - Adventist Elephants: Big Topics Pastors Can't Ignore

Larry Witzel - Church Marketing 101

Nicholas Zork - The Pastoral Art of Worship Ministry: Theology in Practice


Tuesday, June 30, 2015 (11:00am-12:30pm) - Session 3

VicLouis Arreola III - Effective Pastoral Visitation

Skip Bell - Managing Church Conflict

Shawn Boonstra - Evangelism in the Margins (Faith Based Evangelism)

Ern Brake - Napkin Evangelism: 30 Bible Studies You Can Draw in 5 Minutes!

Lilya Wagner & Michael Brown - Understanding and Implementing Fundraising: Essential Principles and Practical Applications

Craig Carr - The Antidote to Anxiety in Ministry

Paul Coneff - The Hidden Half of the Gospel: How Discipleship IS Evangelism When We Offer the Whole Gospel to the Whole Person

Jo Ann Davidson - The Word Speaks for Itself: How to Preach so Your Members Will Want to Study the Bible

Rich Dubose - The Separation of Church and Hate: Why Kindness Matters

Brian Ford & Rob Garvin - Using eAdventist

Oliver Glanz - Fighting the Gods With Rebellious Prophets: Applying Postmodern Mission in Amsterdam

Cleveland Houser & J. Alfred Johnson II - Theo-Social Reasons for Pastoral Involvement in the Facilitation of Prison Ministry

Abraham Jules - The Pastor as a Professional and the Ethos of Ministry

George Knight - The Apocalyptic Vision and Adventist Mission in the 21st Century

Melissa Reid & Dwayne Leslie - Religious Liberty: Is It More than the Coming Sunday Law?

Skip MacCarty - Contagious Adventist

Allan & Alexandria Martin - Danielle in Digital Babylon: Dad & Daughter Navigate the Media Landscape

Ben Maxson - Transforming Pastoral Ministry Through Discipleship

Bill Miller - Here Am I LORD, Change Them: Leading Healthy, Contagious Change

Nicholas Miller - Pastor, the Church, and the Law: Update on Legal Issues Facing Pastors, Including Clergy/Penitent Privilege, Parsonage Allowance, and Employment Issues

John Peckham - Divine Love Revisited: Uncovering the True Nature of God's Love and Why It Matters

David Sedlacek - NAD Pastoral Family Stress Study: Findings and Recommendations


Tuesday, June 30, 2015 (2:30-4:00pm) - Session 4

John K. Amoah - Ministering to My Immigrant Members

Gordon Botting - Surviving in Tough Times

Ganoune Diop - Sharing Jesus With People of Other Faiths or No Faith: Practical Roadmaps

Kwabena Donkor - Contemporary Hermeneutics

George Gainer - A Miracle Called Church

David Penno - Discipling Congregational Leaders

Chris Holland - Motivating Members for Mission

Jim Howard - Organizing the Church for New Members!

Douglas Jacobs - The Forgotten Generation: How to Preach Sermons that Meet the Needs of Older Adults

Washington Johnson - The Call to Chaplaincy

Jan Sigvartsen - The Beyond Beliefs Study

Timothy G. Standish - Darwinism, Evil, and the Gospel

Charlotte Thoms - Who's Sitting in Your Pew? Ministering to Those With Disabilities

Doug Tilstra - Regarding Abuse: Reconsidering Commonly Quoted Scriptures and Concepts

Mike & Gayle Tucker - Mad About Marriage for Pastoral Couples

Marc Woodson - Strategic Planning for the Local Church - Made Simple!