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Ministerial Internship includes the total period of time between employment and ordination that an undergraduate or graduate, engages in pastoral development activity, often under the supervision of an experienced pastor, and often included in seminary ministerial education.
The Ministerial Internship time assists pre-ordination/commission candidates in obtaining practical field exposure to the various aspects of gospel ministry.
Local conferences shall assume obligations for direct supervision in training the interns during their field service, giving them opportunity for actual development in speaking and leadership.
Conferences shall place ministerial interns where there is a prospect for a well-rounded development in all the phases of the ministry—evangelistic, pastoral, teaching (i.e personal and group instruction) and various departmental activities.

  • Evangelistic—For some months during the internship period, preferable at the outset, opportunity should be given the intern for association with one or more experienced evangelists where, by observation and participation, inspiration can be received, and the techniques of successful soul-winning can be studied.
  • Pastoral—Training shall include some months in association with a pastor of experience. During this time, opportunity shall be given for observation and participation with the pastor in the duties involved in caring for church members.
  • Teaching—Opportunity shall be given the intern for participation in teaching individuals in home evangelism, community Bible schools, and evangelistic Bible and baptismal classes.
  • Promotion—for a few weeks during the internship period in the conference, opportunity shall be given to develop qualities of leadership and organization under the supervision of the conference departmental directors and administrators in programs such as youth ministries, promotional activities, and educational conventions.

During the period of internship and preferable in the final year, opportunity shall be given to the intern to lead out in and be personally responsible for an evangelistic effort.

Florida Conference

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