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NAD Women Pastors and Chaplains Retreat

The North American Division Women Pastors and Chaplains Retreat was held Sept. 11-14, 2016. Themed "Renew," the event offered 160 attendees time to relax, reflect and recommit.

Women in Pastoral Ministry

Building Block


The Women in Pastoral Ministry building block is based on a human resource platform. It is very specific - increasing female pastors in the North American Division. There are currently 107 female pastors out of 4,000 pastors in our territory. Studies show that fifty percent of the current pastors will be eligible for retirement in the next ten years.


To double the current number of female pastors in the next five years. Part of this would involve creating a more positive environment in the minds of our members that God calls both males and females into His service for pastoral leadership.


1. Communication - Education

  • Educate local churches of God's call to men and women
  • Publish articles in union papers
  • Create and distribute the theological support in laymen's language
  • Distribute the NAD theology of Ordination Report throughout the division
  • Create and distribute DVDs and videos of members' response to female pastoral leadership
  • Develop a special edition of the Review to be mailed to every home
  • Create an assessment tool to determine a local church receptivity

2. Recruitment

  • Actively recruit females who have graduated from the seminary but are working in other professions
  • Actively recruit females on Adventist colleges and universities who sense God's call to ministry
  • Compile and maintain a list of highly qualified females who are available for pastoral leadership
  • Create a website for women to register their interests and be identified

3. Mentoring - Nurturing

  • Identify female students who sense God's calling
  • Partner those identified with current female pastors
  • Develop a curriculum that would train current female pastors as successful mentors
  • Sponsor an annual conference for female pastors
  • Organize regional partnerships through teleconference and online communication

4. Funding support

  • Create a funding formula to encourage the hiring of female pastors
  • Structure the formula with participation from the division, union, and local conference
  • Promote the funding formula and its availability throughout the division
  • Review the funding initiative after five years

HVideo Series on Vimeo for Female Clergy

Wanted! More Female Pastors
Videos that appeared in the first issue of CALLED, A Digital Magazine for Adventist Clergy.


This is an historic event. Why do we say historic? This is the first time that NAD administrators have made this great of an effort to meet with the women clergy of our division in order to hear their stories and gather input for a strategic plan that will support the pastoral ministry of the women in North America.

Date & Location: September 11-14, 2016. Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, 505 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304.

Description: In the scriptures we note that when the disciples were challenged, criticized and felt the weight of ministry, Jesus encouraged them to "come apart and rest a while". In this season, we recognize that female pastors and female chaplains also feel the weight and carry the burden of ministry. Therefore, this retreat was an invitation to the ladies to come apart and rest. Based on Isaiah 40:31, our goal for the retreat was to RENEW your strength so that you could continue to run and not get weary, you will walk and not faint. This event provided a time of refreshing so that, as women, we could return to our positions soaring on wings like eagles!

CEU Credit: All eligible attendees received one CEU credit when they attended this event.