Dave Gemmell's Workshops and Seminars

Dave Gemmell is available for seminars and workshops within the North American Division. It is best to schedule him six months to a year in advance. He gives priority to pastor's meetings although he sometimes is available for camp meetings and lay conventions. Below you will find some of his most popular presentations. However if you don't see a topic that you would like presented it may be possible to develop a presentation for your audience. Click here to download a pdf of the workshop descriptions


“Just a quick note to express again my appreciation for your work in our territory at our recent workers meeting. The day was a blessing to our pastors and I received many positive comments. One person said ‘Thanks so much for a great workers meeting! It gives me confidence knowing we have such quality people at the top.’ I agree.”

--Conference President, 1/14/18




Prophylactic for Heresy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Heresy continues to flourish in many congregations. Not only do theological fights take us off mission but they threaten life and eternal life. What should a pastor do when confronted with the latest theological fight? Rather than stamping out the continually morphing heresies is there something we can do to prevent heresy from taking root in the first place? This workshop gives time proven approaches that equip members to become so strong in their faith that heresy can’t take root.


Effective Pastors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               What does it take to become a truly effective pastor? NAD Ministerial has discovered a correlation between 7 core qualities and effective pastoring. This workshop identifies the core qualities and shares some pathways that can take every pastor toward his/her potential of effective ministry.



Sticky Adventist Churches
Church marketing helps bring people in the front door but what keeps them from marching out the back? How do we cultivate a sense of belonging? How do we turn visitors into leaders? This workshop gleans ideas from some of the 5,000 R&D sites across the NAD that are getting sticky.

Reaching the Technotribe, 21st Century Tools for Evangelism
Technology has created a new species of people who live outside our familiar world. This technotribe is not confined to time or place and they live by an entirely different code of behavior. This 90 minute journey offers you a pathway into their world and equips you with the tools to reach young adults with the gospel.

Secret NAD Evangelism Resources Revealed
No longer clothed in a veil of secrecy this seminar unveils some of the finest tools ever produced for evangelism--and many of them are free! Engaging graphics, illustrations ripped from the headlines, mentoring for newbie evangelists are just a few of the secret resources uncovered.  These include a quick glance at Bible Graphics Studio, iFollow Discipleship, Living With Hope (note that each of these can be broken out into a full seminar).

iFollow Discipleship Resource for Adventists
Seven years in the making, this landmark discipleship resource was designed from the ground up by and for Adventists. The comprehensive curriculum can be custom made for the spiritual needs of your students. Each lesson can be designed for the learning style of your class. Use the discipleship roadmap survey to determine where the next milestone might be in the journey following after Jesus.

Living With Hope Bible Marking Evangelistic Series
This is an overview of this fresh series for small groups and big groups. Learn where to download the Leaders guides, the student handouts, the slides, the manuscripts and everything you need to lead out in this simple, flexible, 16 lesson overview of the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Leadership Fuel, Using Spiritual and Political Savvy in Ministry
Leadership can be a lonely and difficult position unless you take advantage of the team that God has surrounded you with. Based on the life of Moses, Leadership Fuel shares political skills that can help you thrive in small, medium or large congregations. This workshop helps leaders understand the principles of leadership fuel, leadership engagement, and leadership efficiency.

Worship Renewal.jpg

The Worship Journey
Many of the recent worship wars have come as a result of cultural clashes in a definition of corporate worship. Rather than trying to codify worship, this workshop turns to the Biblical metaphor of worship as a journey. After deconstructing worship, participants can then rebuild a worship experience that is meaningful to their unique cultural settings.  

Worship Renewal: Radical Change with Minimal Angst
Much conflict results when we try to change the externals of worship rather than the heart of worship.   Worship renewal usually requires radical change, not just the externals but the core components of worship. This workshop assists leaders in creating the maximum amount of change with a minimum amount of conflict within the congregation.

Ellen White encouraged her readers to do evangelistic services on Sunday morning. Las Vegas Mountain View church took her words literally and experimented with Sunday morning evangelism. Participants in this workshop will relive the Las Vegas experiment in an interactive discussion of possible options at each step along the way.  Church planters can test out their ideas on this real world experiment and find out what actually happened make suggestions on how this technique might offer potential ways to reach new people.

Lethal Leadership
Conflict Resolution
Using the acronym G R A C E the essential qualities of leadership are highlighted.

Do you ever wish you could motivate your lay leaders to reach their full potential? How can we keep from stealing ministry away from our members? Dave Gemmell has a unique perspective on the subject having pastored for twenty five years and now serving as a layman. He describes what it is that gets his ministry juices going now that he has only a limited amount of time to contribute to his congregation.

Herding the Alpha Cow
Small churches can be some of the most difficult church environments for many pastors. Yet a proper understanding of the political structure of small churches can allow pastoral leadership to thrive and grow.