2Q13: CALLED Features Money


The second quarter release of CALLED, the digital magazine for pastors in the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, is now available. The theme of this issue of the digital tabloid focuses on the question ‘How can you live on a pastor’s salary?’  Lawrence Downing profiles pastors who have not only survived but thrived on a ‘living wage.’ Gordon Botting and Randy Robinson share their best advice on how to get the most ‘bang for the buck’ in life. Also, since half of pastors in the NAD will be eligible for retirement soon, Del Johnson shares his best advice on retirement. Included in that article are links to the three major retirement plans used in NAD territory.

This quarter’s church visit takes Juanfer Monsalve to the second generation Epic church plant in Wicker Park, Chicago. Juanfer spends the weekend with Andres Flores picking his brain about second generation ministry, culture, values, worship, outreach, organization, and assimilation.  Readers will appreciate excerpts from a sit down dialogue between Monsalve and Flores.  Viewers may appreciate the documentary video that traces Monsalve’s Epic visit.  John Grys shares the big picture of the loss of second generation Adventist immigrants and shines the light on signs of hope.

Many requests have come over the years for copies of the most popular Pastor’s DVD of all time, Bible Graphics Studio. Although long out of print, this project contained thousands of realistic presentation graphics featuring models in a Biblical attire and setting. NAD Ministerial has republished Bible Graphics Studio within the second quarter CALLED magazine. Within the magazine users can search through the stories, sets and design elements to find the perfect graphics for an upcoming sermon. Then, without ever leaving the tablet device, pastors can put together a custom presentation and display it for their next sermon.

CALLED takes advantage of the digital magazine format which pulls the best media features from print, video, graphics, and social media to create a unique experience for pastors. Current platforms supported include Android, iPad and Kindle.  There is also a pdf version for those who don't have access to an electronic tabloid. The magazine is available at no charge to download courtesy of NAD Ministerial. To access the magazine users should go to the app store within their tabloid and do a search for ‘NAD Ministerial.’ This issue is entitled CALLED 2Q13. Click this link to subscribe on an Apple powered device, or this link for a Google Play device, or click here to download the pdf version for your computer. For more information contact Dave Gemmell.