1Q13: Women Clergy Featured in Premier Edition of CALLED for Adventist Clergy


NAD Ministerial Department's new digital magazine for Adventist clergy was approved by the Apple app store and is now available for download for the iPad according to Dave Gemmell, Associate Director of NAD Ministerial.  “Go to the iPad app store, and do a search for NAD Ministerial. Then download the app. It is around 750 megs so you will need a fast connection,” says Gemmell. 

The first quarter 2013 edition features seven articles on the role of women clergy in the NAD. Wanted, More Female Pastors shares the NAD leadership's desire to increase the number of women in pastoral leadership in the NAD. Women of Influence traces the history of women clergy in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. Judges, Seminary Deans & Deacons highlights some of the women who played a spiritual leadership role in the Bible. Finding Relevance in Ancient Writings gives some principles of interpreting the scriptures. Let the Women Keep Silent deals with some of the texts that appear to some to limit the role of women in spiritual leadership. Ellen White on Female Leadership takes a look at the teachings of the female co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist church on the role of women in spiritual leadership. Exceptional Pastors opens a window to see how women clergy are already making a difference in the NAD.

Also in the first edition of CALLED is a resource for small groups, prayer meetings, young adult groups, entitled In The Beginning. At the core of this 13 week curriculum is a serial documentary tracing the journey of two college students as they travel across the country looking for clues as to the origin of the universe. Each episode also includes a study guide to help the group discuss and react to what they see. All of the videos and pdfs can be accessed from the CALLED magazine with a wifi connection.

First Quarter CALLED includes an article and video lecture by Dr. Stan Patterson where he contrasts commonly held corporate views of leadership with the Biblical view of leadership.

The featured documentary in the first edition of CALLED looks at a new church plant in Philadelphia. Andrews University students Josh and Sara Withers visit with Pastor Tara VinCross and see what all is involved in planting a new church while still leading out in the mother church.

CALLED will delivery timely text articles, video, audio, and web interactivity. The new delivery system will replace the Pastor’s DVD which has served pastors of the NAD for the past ten years. Gemmell anticipates that CALLED will get pastors the resources they need faster, and more economically. “With 60% of pastors currently owning iPads or other tablets, the time is right to make the move,” says Gemmell.

Regular features in the new digital magazine will include articles on practical theology and spiritual leadership, video documentaries of congregations and resources for pastors. Ivan Williams, director of NAD Ministerial believes that CALLED can be one of the tools to help “Empower the Ministerial Community.” The unique role that CALLED plays is “to serve as a quarterly evergreen interactive media rich digital journal focused on the needs of the Adventist parish pastor.”

CALLED is best viewed on the iPad format and the courtesy app entitled 'NAD Ministerial' is available for download from the App store. Click this link to subscribe on an Apple powered device, or this link for a Google Play device.

A pdf version of CALLED is available for those who don't have tablets. NOTE: This interactive pdf is only interactive if you download it and open it in Acrobat. Right-click and "Save As" to download.